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Jun 5, 2010

Jayzel's party at The Reserve-May 07, 2010

Jairo, Jayzel and Jay's friend
Accidental shot of not-so-cutie-boys
Jairo in long sleeved shirt with hood and camel colored bag
Jayzel in cobalt blue dress with shell-inspired necklace

Remember when I wrote about last April here in my blog that I went a meaningful night with my very good old pals, here is one of them, Jayzel Ado whom I know for almost ten years now. It was her birthday when we took this photo, it was held in Reserve bar in Ortigas, it was a night full of booze. I normally drink vodka with sprite but that time I was drinking vodka with red bull energy drink, it tasted good though but hell I was so drunk and felt dried when I woke up.

She celebrated her birthday with Jairo,Choy,me and her other friends whom I only met that night! Now,I'd like to talk about the Reserve bar, it's nice but was so crowded-because it was a Friday night and not to mention, the place was too hot, for me it's not an excuse whether it's crowded or not, let's say for example Distillery bar in Jupiter street, their AC can sustain the most crowded place that can ever happen. One of the good things happened that night was I even got a free Cuervo tequila shot given by a man standing next to me in the bar, I dont know why he gave me a free shot and one girl gave me free rhum coke for no reason at all. Lucky me, the drinks didn't have any poisonous chemical. I and you can't resist freebies! Though it was too crowded, we still had so much fun enjoying each others company and of course enjoying the free drinks courtesy of course of the gorgeous Jayzel Ado. Til your next birthday and hope to see you soon!!!

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